Antiblog is the blog that belongs to Sideshow. He seems to be able to write much much more than I do, so take a look, he has written about some interesting stuff.

This is the home page for a good friend of mine. I guess I really properly met him whilst on holiday in Ibiza in 2000. We got talking and he ended up funding my first set of DMX lights. I have been forever in debt to him as it started […]

Dooza gets hitched

On July 21st I asked Louise to marry me. She said yes, which was what I wanted to hear. I even asked her Dad before getting down on my knee in the middle of Kongs in Bourne End…one of my favourite chinese restaraunts in the area. The wedding itself wont […]

Doesn’t time fly?

Now for some reason I did not get into this blogging thing like I thought I would do, but I may be about to make a come back. It all depends on how easy this is to customise. I will try to do a daily blog this week, and see […]

The Start of my Blog

Well here it is, the first Blog I have ever written. This is an test really, to see what all this Blog fuss is all about. What is a Blog? Well its a weblog, a collection of articles or posts, that are all online for the world to see. Since […]