Change of web hosting provider

I have had to change hosts due to security concerns with my previous one, its taken a while to get every thing moved over and the new DNS setup and working correctly, but its all sorted now. I am hosting with who seem to be very professional and very helpful. If you run into any problems with the site please contact me.

A.C. Special Projects Ltd

My job at AC Entertainment Technologies (previously AC Lighting) is normally developing ASP and SQL systems for in house processes. Recently though I was asked to create a small website for AC Special Projects, formerly a department of AC Lighting.

The aim of the site is promote the services and to showcase the projects completed over the years. Today the site went live, and whilst there is more to do, I am very happy with it.

I would love to know what anyone thinks about it.

Chrysalid Photos

Saturday night was fantastic, lots of hard work but it really paid off. I had a great time, and I pretty sure everyone who came along did too. Here are some photos, which as usual, are mainly of the pretty lights!

New Kit – 2 x Abstract Galactic Stars

Last month I was contacted from a reader of the Blue-Room forums, they had a read a post of mine in the wanted section. Over a year ago I asked if anyone had any spare Galactic Stars then please contact me. Well this kidn soul did, and I now have another cracking pair of these lights. They are slightly newer than mine, they have the high/low switch for the lamp, and are in excellent condition, they actually put mine to shame, so its time I did mine up and made them presentable again.

I now have 4 Galactic Stars, along with 4 semi-working Galactic Moons, which I will now sell on eBay. 2 work fine, one doesn’t work on DMX, and the other has been used for spares. If anyone is interested let me know, I don’t want mega bucks for them as they are old and tatty but do work.