All Change

This week I resigned from DMC and have accepted a job at AC Lighting as an IT Administrator. The move took lots of consideration, and was very hard, but it is the right move for me, as I will have more opportunities and career progression.

I have spent almost 7 years at DMC, and have been made a member of the family. I will miss them terribly, the hardest part was telling Susan the MD, as she has treated me really well over the years. I will miss everyone, and miss the World Finals each year.

If you want to take on the role of Web Manager at DMC, please get in contact with Susan at DMC.


Coming up this year:

  • 28th April – Hadra @ Jacks, London. Full on Psy-Trance with the guys from France!
  • 6th/7th July – Till The Cows Come Home @ A Farm near Bedford. Loads of cool bands and DJs for 2 days in the Sun
  • 19/20/21st July – The Glade Festival. Doing Sancho Panza again plus some more stage, loads of different music over a lovely weekend.

I have been slack at keeping this blog up to date, not sure if anyone reads it really, but will keep on posting from time to time.


The next party that I am doing lighting at is Hadra, on the 28th April @ Jacks in London. Its the same guys who put on Chrysalid, so is full on Psy-Trance. You can see more details here.

This year I am also doing the lighting at a private festival called Till The Cows Come Home, I did this last year and it was lots of bands and DJs over one night, this year however it is over 2 nights, so should be even more fun!

How can I forget the Glade? Well its on again, and we are doing even more stages! This year we are doing the lighting for:

  • Origin Stage (Outdoors)
  • Sancho Panza
  • Pussy Parlour
  • Rabbit Hole
  • Outdoor Cabaret

We are also doing the sound for the Rabbit Hole and the Outdoor Cabaret, so we are nice and busy!

Tickets go on sale on the 14th April from